About us

FIBRA Macquarie is a real estate investment trust targeting industrial, retail and office real estate opportunities in Mexico with a primary focus on stabilized income-producing properties.


FIBRA Macquarie is a Mexican real estate investment trust, listed on the Mexican stock exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores). It is focused on the acquisition, ownership, leasing and management of industrial and retail real estate properties in Mexico. 

FIBRA Macquarie was established on December 19, 2012 following a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO). Since then, the FIBRA has been active in growing its portfolio utilizing a disciplined approach, adding over 40 properties and several land parcels to the portfolio:

FIBRA Macquarie timeline:



IPO and initial acquisition of 243 industrial properties (2.5 million square meters).



Acquired 15 industrial properties and eight retail properties (403 thousand square meters)



Acquired 50% interest in nine retail properties (192 thousand square meters) through a joint venture with Grupo Frisa.



Acquired 16 industrial properties (290 thousand square meters), two build-to-suit projects (10 thousand square meters) and two land parcels (25 thousand square meters).



Acquired two industrial properties (35 thousand square meters) and a parcel of land (77 thousand square meters). Sold two non-strategic properties in Matamoros (19 thousand square meters).



Completed development of a class A building in Reynosa (13 thousand square meters). Sold five non-strategic assets in Ascension, La Paz, Tijuana, Durango and Villahermosa (56 thousand square meters).



Acquired a parcel of land in Juarez (92 thousand square meters). Sold 35 non-strategic assets in Matamoros, Reynosa, Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexicali and Tijuana (220 thousand square meters).

As of December 31, 2018, our diversified portfolio consists of 236 industrial and 17 retail properties (nine of which are held through a 50-50 joint venture) located in 20 cities across 16 states in Mexico. Our total GLA comprises approximately 2.8 million square meters of industrial GLA and 457 thousand square meters of retail GLA.


We believe that FIBRA Macquarie is well-positioned to capitalize on the favorable long-term economic and demographic trends in Mexico. There are six key components which allow us to realize this opportunity for customers and investors:

High quality portfolio in prime industrial and consumer markets

Scalable internal property administration platform

Strong track record of disciplined capital deployment

Consistently strong operational and financial performance

Flexible balance sheet and strong cash flow that will support future growth

Experienced management supported by quality institutional platform

Our team

FIBRA Macquarie is managed by a team with considerable expertise in both real estate and finance. In addition to its headquarters in Mexico City, FIBRA Macquarie has nine regional offices that host local property administration, leasing and engineering teams. This allows FIBRA Macquarie to be close to customers, brokers and prospects while maintaining strong links to financial markets.

Meet the team

Governance and administration

The governance of our FIBRA and administration of the assets it owns is of primary importance to us. Through effective and transparent governance and administration of our assets, we seek to create long-term value for our investors and enjoy long term relationships with our customers.

Corporate governance

At FIBRA Macquarie, we pride ourselves on our corporate governance structure, which has been developed to serve the interests of our investors.

Property administration

Our internal property administration platform provides an advantage in terms of cost, scalability and ability to service our customers.

Our experience

FIBRA Macquarie provides consistently strong operational and financial performance by putting customers and investors first. Below are some examples that demonstrate this proactive approach to disciplined capital allocation and creating long-term value through expansions, development and strong capital management.

Our corporate office

Pedregal 24 Piso 21, Torre Virreyes
Lomas – Virreyes, Molino del Rey
11040, Ciudad de Mexico