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Investment philosophy

FIBRA Macquarie has established one of the largest portfolios of industrial and retail real estate in the Mexican market. Its primary focus is on acquiring, owning, leasing and managing stabilized, income-producing properties in core locations. 

FIBRA Macquarie targets acquisitions of stabilized properties as well as select development opportunities located in densely populated markets where supply is constrained, or markets with high barriers to entry where there is an expectation of long-term capital appreciation.

Investment approach

Our investment approach is characterized by the following key elements:

Stabilized acquisitions

We invest primarily in well-located, stabilized, income-producing properties with high occupancy rates and quality tenants in primary markets and some select secondary markets.


We are pursuing a development program as a cost-effective and accretive way of introducing new, high-quality industrial properties to our portfolio. The development program is not expected to exceed 5% of total GLA at any point in time to ensure that the current risk profile of the FIBRA is maintained.


We always aim to satisfy customers’ expansion needs. Expansions add value to the portfolio by capitalizing on the existing land bank.


The geographic diversity of the portfolio caters to a broad range of customers and industries throughout Mexico.

We focus on key manufacturing and distribution markets that complement the current industrial portfolio.

We focus on Mexico’s key urban markets of Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara and key regional centers and growing urban markets.

Competitive advantage

Mexico boasts a strategic geographic location, competitive costs and a highly skilled labor force that combine to service regional and global markets. Our industrial portfolio serves as a platform to capitalize on these competitive advantages and leverage Mexico’s internal growth and strong performance in world trade. Our high-quality portfolio of retail properties complements this by providing superior rental growth and reliable income regardless of market conditions. Our properties, which are anchored by necessity-based, value-based and lifestyle-based tenants, target Mexico's growing demand for quality shopping centers. This strategic combination provides a competitive advantage that is unique in the market.

Proactive approach

As part of a proactive investment strategy, we use the market expertise of our regional teams to maintain an active pipeline of stabilized acquisitions and development projects. This local knowledge provides unique insight into activity and trends in each of the markets in which we operate allowing us to anticipate new investment opportunities and respond quickly to customer requirements. In addition, the Manager’s investment team has considerable experience in developing financial, tax and legal structures that best meet the needs of our stakeholders.

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